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Grand Intrepid Holidays

History has bequeathed heritage to celebrate in the form of monuments that vividly recall the ancient traditions of the forefathers. Golden India triangle tours are an escape to discovery with wide ranging destinations, unearthing the diversity as well as seeing fascinating sites. Many regions lay claim to being exotic destinations that will arouse curiosity and […]


Golden Triangle India Tours

Mélange of Heritage Attractions In India, color is the canvas which reflects variety. Be it in clothing, buildings or heritage sites. Indian golden triangle tours unleash vast colors in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur and other added destination sites. It captures the mélange of architectural splendor that resounds on the shorelines of the Indian subcontinent. A […]


Kite Festival Sojourns

It’s commonly said that ‘travel broadens mind horizons’ and ‘sojourns transform the perception of the mind’. To unravel the reasons for historically famous and important sites, religious and other forms of tales, relics or legends. Perhaps to get a clearer impression of what really makes those places famous in the very first place. Festivals celebrate […]