8 Restaurants to Make Your Trip to Pushkar More Tasty

Planning a weekend in Pushkar? We selected some good restaurants can make your trip even more tasty!

1 – Sunset Café (dishes Rs 10-110; from 7h30 to midnight)
Right on the eastern ghats, this café has sublime lake views, but uninspiring food. The lakeshore setting is a perfect sunset.

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Sunset Café


2 – Honey & Spice (Laxmi Market; dishes Rs 20-75)
This well recommended restaurant has a famous banana cake and also sandwiches, tofu salad,  and tofu steak. You can enjoy fruit juices and yummy shakes.

honey n spice

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3 – Sun-n-Moon (dishes Rs 25-180)
In a big garden you can order Indian, Chinese, Italian and Tibetan food. For the homesick, breakfast includes hash browns and hot chocolat, while for others there are sustaining lassis and masala chai.

sun n moon

sun n moon2

4 – Raju Terrace Garden (Sadar Bazaar Rd; dishes Rs 25-90)
This pleasant rooftop offers good options in ‘homesick food’ like baked potatos,  shepherd’s pie and pizza. Fairy lights, potted plants and a great view of the lake compose the setting.

raju terrace

This photo of Raju terrace Garden is courtesy of TripAdvisor

5 – Moon dance (dishes Rs 25-140)
Here you find good Indian, Italian and Mexican food, friendly service and a pleasant garden.


This photo of Moon Dance is courtesy of TripAdvisor

6 – Baba Reastaurant (dishes 30-70)
Baba bakes a mean pizza and this cilled streetside restaurant is pretty good value too.


This photo of Baba Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

7 – Rainbow Restaurant (Sada Bazaar Rd; mains Rs 35-110)
Decorated with coloured bulbs, this place offers a lovely view over the lake. The pasta and the ice cream sundaes are good options there.

rainbow restaurant2

This photo of Rainbow Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

rainbow restaurant

This photo of Rainbow Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

8 – Om Shiva Buffet (Rs 50)
Pleasant environment and a really good food is what you are going to find is this restaurant, regularly busy.


Essa foto de Om Shiva Buffet é cortesia do TripAdvisor

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