A Festival of Travel

Festival travel excites and enthuses each time one steps out of the confines of places like home or office. It is an adventure, an exciting prospect and potential for great discovery and exploration. Indian golden triangle tours make compelling engagements for the benefit of the intrepid spirit yearning discovery.

In many parts and areas around the sub-continent where travel is always an opportune encounter, the festival of travel can relate and reveal tremendous and indeed hitherto unknown locales, festivals, rituals and rites that transport the ethereal present experience to an aura of grand trumpeting of cultural traits and traditions. For the intrepid soul the value of these experiences can be lifelong lessons, experiences and embodiments of discovery. A festival of travel recounts some exciting experiences and indeed festivals that shape the course of any Indian golden triangle tour trail expedition.

India Golden Triangle Festival Trail

Holi Festival


There are great sages and mystics in the Indian subcontinent that revere great traditional beliefs, rituals and rites. As a Hindu festival celebrated on Phalgun Purnima (Full Moon) in the Hindu calendar it marks and celebrates the onset of spring and agricultural harvest. Its spiritual rituals and social rites are cause for widespread celebration. Celebrated majorly in March, the onset of total spring and the agricultural harvests. The dynamic appealing nature has seen interest and participation even by other non-Hindus participating fostering a spirit of unity.

Maha Shivratri


Lord Shiva is the great god of dissolution in the Hindu trinity of Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver) and Shiva (dissolver). As a Hindu festival it venerates for Lord Shiva for his act of saving the world on the urging of Goddess Parvati (his wife) when the world was in imminent danger of destruction. Devotees believe offering fast and prayers to the Lord Shiva guarantees wellbeing in life.

The Indian golden triangle tour celebrates a vibrant festival and spiritual culture incorporating many other regional and national festivals unique to the land.

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