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Much of travel is really about challenging perceptions and broadening horizons. These are horizons of thought and attitudes that are stuck in our mindset about several cultures, opinions about places and things. Golden triangle India travels are perhaps one of those exciting and full of discovery travel experiences that unravel sites, scenes and experiences so distinct to leave the travelers with a different emotion to treasure for a lifetime of memory.

A few outstanding experiences give the present travel season an outstanding prospect and effort at redefining the glory of intrepid discovery. Intrepid is the spirit of adventure and explore setting a course to incredible destinations. A few golden outposts on the golden triangle trail warrant a special mention.

Adventure on the Golden Trai

Explore Intrepid Rajasthan

A skeptic may rue what a waste, but travel to enthusiasts, this revisit to some of ancient India’s glory is remarkable. The ancient ruins, intact palaces and forts, temples, the magical attractions of the Maharajahs rule era lend an attractive stance. It fosters in some ways an amazing path to balance the ecological and urban sprawl of the present. Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udhaipur, Bikaner, Bharatpur, Jaisal mer, Sawaimadhopur, Alwar each exude unique attributes unique to its character.
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Mount Abu

The calm and cool of Mt Abu is a spiritual retreat as well summer station get away when the heat rages and drives tourists (national and international) to its rich biodiversity and eclectic scenery. It’s located on the fringes and start of one of India’s well known mountain ranges (Aravali hills) with classic attractions like; the ancient temples, geological attractions, rich flora and fauna, the scenic Nakki Lake Guru Shikhar, Dilwara Temples and the wildlife sanctuary make for a stunning visual for the first time visitor. And one of the world’s largest spiritual movements (Brahma Kumari’s) is based here.

New Dimension to Agra

Apart from the widely known UNESCO world heritage monuments like the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, Agra presents the other side of its personality to the adventure seeker. The city’s character of crowded streets, markets lanes and bylanes, shopping bazaars, artifacts and miniature craft stores, effusive local flavors and tradition awaits exploration and discovery. There is still a lot to uncover and tap into on the golden triangle trail.

Exciting Dynamism to New Delhi

The Indian capital is filled with all traditions – ancient and modern, in some ways, like a ‘melting pot’, an impressive microcosm of unique civilizations yet rooted firmly in modernity and advancement. New Delhi surprises and awakens at every turn inspiring, perhaps some of the greatest moments on celluloid. But most importantly, it’s the city of great heritage.

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