Escape, Explore and Discovery Tour Forms

Tour and travel is an inherent virtue and aspiration in almost every human nature; the desire for escape, explore, vacation and discovery holiday forms. A break from the constant grind of life’s busy schedules and tendency to confer or is filled with. A popular Chinese saying goes ‘a journey of thousand miles begins with the first step’. Adventure, trekking, hiking and climbing.


The adventure element is the driving factor for exploration. The golden triangle India tour essays adventure and discovery of delicate and fascinatingly preserved monuments and sites. The appeal however of offbeat exploration, escape and adventure has had new ways to follow in some of these customized tours.

Escape Adventure

Prominent escape sites embody the fun of timeless adventure and inspire awe. The nature of the Desert climate and the deserts attitudes are prime examples of escape adventure. The sand dunes character and the adventurous yet complicated lifestyle of the people can source for great learning.

Adventure Discovery

A sense of long rides in the outer reaches of the city life and beyond spending most times on the road as you come across various interesting forms of attractions. It also takes forms of overland and cross country forms to discover things specific to a region.

Urban Exploration

Urban travel has emerged from the result of prominence of social media and other forms of media that make it accessible any time. The ancient history relics and legends give people a sense of exploration. Ideal destinations would be places with a certain history attached and the most recent of developments in the urban landscape browsing the industrial aspects and other underside attractions.

Nature Expedition

Nature has always been a strong pull for any tourism inspired theme. The jungle expedition to see raw habitats, endangered species and forms of animal and plant life in the wilderness.
The Indian golden triangle tours complement any form of adventure and exploration in customized destinations to exciting leisure locales.

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