Experience Incredible Goa and Rajasthan

India beckons with unique culture and Goa’s vibrant rhythm resonates with interest and curiousity. The incredible sights that greet one on arrival are a stimulating precursor of what to expect or experience. There is a mesmerizing contradiction in the irony but just as well an appreciation of stunning beautiful attractions.

Goa and Rajasthan on the golden triangle India tour trail are like reflections in the mirror with dizzying promises for the intrepid. The promise and experience of the serene sand dunes rising in majestic stature of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer and the sometimes churning or calm blue of a vast India Ocean. There are a few significant standing points to warrant a digression of this amazing intrepid sojourn.

Goa and Rajasthan Attractions


Goa Tours

The former Portuguese colony brims with pride and cultural diversity attracting local tourists and from all over the world. Its signature beaches, serene attractions of fauna excel in marine diversity. The architecture heritage lends this state on the shores of western India great attractions. Vibrant cities like Margao, Panaji and Vasco da Gama have given it character appeal with variety of attractions and tourist sites.


Literally translating to ‘Land of kings’ it’s known for sunny weather and great cultural heritage spread over its vast stretch. A great deal of Rajasthan boasts of forts, palaces, traditional festivals, fairs, spiritual destinations, palaces, haveli’s (traditional mansions), conservation sites and the largesse of welcoming generous people. Among the vibrant cities on the tour are; Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Udaipur with a kaleidoscope of beautiful attractions and enduring traditional heritage.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

A stopover in India’s financial capital brings an entirely new elemental but different perspective of the nation’s diverse architecture, traditions and culture. India’s southern metropolis is home to the famed gateway of India and its film industry Bollywood.

To an intrepid the rhythm’s and rhymes may be a tad contradictory but that is the unique sales point of difference – there’s always thrill and adventure in contradiction.

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