Golden Festivals and Antiquity

Festivals often reflect the heritage and sound cultural vibes of any society. Delighting in the effusive rich tales of the past that still hold fort (significance and lessons) over the present to narrate the bravery and the daring of the ancients. The golden triangle tour in India perhaps is an ancient mine wealth of ancient tales with the Mughal’s, Maharajahs and other traditional rulers that have held the reigns of dominion and power in India and beyond.

Riddled with antiquity and cultural celebrations that spell the cultural compass. The celebration of tradition in festivals of India is an unparallel major in classic epic tales of ancient faith and religions. India is effusively defined, toured and visited in some prominent cultural festivals and antique cultural heirlooms.

Golden Festivals of India

Diwali Festival


Diwali is perhaps the largest festival of the land that sees total transformation of the land. For the Hindus devotees it has the highest symbolic meaning of victory of good over evil and culturally celebrated by lighting several lamps. This has incandescence with all people celebrating together.
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Holi Festival

The color festival is truly golden in its depiction of people applying colored powder (gulal) on each other while wishing goodwill to each other. Holi also appeals nearly to all sections of society.

Makar Sakranti


Kite flying festival symbolizes the end of the cold winter season and transition to the warmer spring temperatures.

Raksha Bhandan

The tying of strings symbolizes the important bond and relationship between brothers and sisters in the Hindu faith. Although it’s secular tradition has seen increasing participation by all.

Ramadan Festival

Islamic holy fasting month from dawn to dusk committing to prayer and charity.

Id Ur Fitr

The Islamic festival comes after the Holy Fasting month of Ramadan and marks the end of Ramadan.

Id Ul Zuha

The feast of sacrifice or Bakr’ Eid in India coming after Hajji to Mecca it commemorates Abrahams willingness to sacrifice his son.


The Christian festival is celebrated in commemoration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.



The Christian festival commemorates Jesus Christ’s birth at Bethlehem of Judah.

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