Indian Golden Triangle Tours

History Impacts Travel

The fundamental pulling or drawing factor for most tour and travel worldwide is a historical parallel or ground for visiting let alone for taking interest. India Golden Triangle Tours encompass some historically rich sites and destinations to arouse the sentiment of travel and unraveling the hidden secrets behind these famous stops.

History’s impacts are still felt in many ways in the present times like the historical venues in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur with varying contributions to this aspect of appreciating the heritage a particular place. There cannot be travel without a historical imperative. The reasons are many and that hard to guess.

Monuments of Indian History

There are many legends, myths and stories of valor that form the foundation for the greatness of many sites. And just as well true stories of Valor, courage, sacrifice that imperil any detraction form their place in History.

India Gate-New Delhi

History bears witness to this memorial of sacrifice of the many soldiers who died in the world war. The iconic stature isn’t in its grand and imposing figurine rather the true story of exemplified courage, sacrifice and bravery.

Taj Mahal-Agra

AGR Agra - Taj Mahal panorama with watercourse and indian visitors after sunrise 3008x2000

Although rooted in Mughal dynastic history of invasion and conquer, its absolute grandeur and first class appeal in India’s architectural wonders is undisputed and questioned. Built by Shah Jehan as tribute or memorial to Mumtaz Mahal his dead wife as a symbol of devotion in 1630 AD.

Hawa Mahal-Jaipur


In this ‘palace of winds’ with as many windows of stained colored glass, this monument is fairly recent, 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. The history of this monument is that it was built as a royal observation post for the royal women.

Red Fort-Old Delhi

With the resplendent Mughal architecture it presents a new way at appreciating the achievements of erstwhile generations. Its grand scale and robust, imposing stature lend credence to a truly adventurous and gifted time in Indian History.

There is a strong connection between the historical attributes of place and its tourist potential or inflow. Many sites on the Indian golden triangle tour have witnessed significant events to warrant a place in history and travel.

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