Making Sense of Travel – Some Festivals and Perfect Ways to Unwind

Even when the heat goes south (up) there have been some interesting insights in the travel season here in India. Come the month of June some respite is expected by the month end or early July. But there are several activities, festivals and other itinerary that will be most appropriate to explore this time around as the weather transforms from the present hot to the cool and humid monsoon climate.
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The vegetation will also blossom changing India into a tropical paradise with some of the most breathtaking sights and places. Below are some interesting festivals and activities that will spice up the golden triangle package tour as it takes you to some of India’s reminiscent cultural landscapes.

Ganga Dusshera Festival (June 8th, 2014)  




This is a spiritual Hindu festival that celebrates and honors the Ganga River (India’s most sacred and holy river descending from the Himalayas). Sacred baths and performing holy acts the Hindus believe it avails purification and salvation. The festival witnesses millions of devotees take a special pilgrimage to the known banks and spiritual centers of Hinduism like Rishikesh, Haridwar, Varanasi, Allahabad and Prayag among others.
Father’s Day (June 15th 2014)

In a country attached to family values and relationships both mothers and fathers are highly respected. Coming after the mother’s day festival it’s a cultural exposure on Indian parenthood and family values.
Rath and Amarnath Yatra (June 29th, 2014 and 28th 2014)




Though both exalt special Lords in Hinduism they represent a special spectacle of faith. Rath Yatra is in honor of Lord Jaganath (Lord Vishnu), his brother Balabhadra and sister Subedhra. It’s an evocative spiritual ceremony with millions of Hindus and other faithful.
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Monsoon Attractions and Blossoms


Though the weather has been hot lately (May- June) it is a signal of a changing dynamic at least by Indian meteorology department reports. The Indian monsoon slowly proceeds from the southern part of the country towards the north. It brings a fresh breeze of life into flora and fauna with breathtaking sights and vegetation. More so the Indian monsoon has a romantic effect to it with a movie called Monsoon wedding made some time back.

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