New Year Arrival Signifies Celebrations

New Year arrival brings hope and optimism in the life of every individual. Last day of year is the time when people celebrate arrival of the New Year. Parties and dance start from the evening itself and as soon as the clock struck 12 they wish each other happiness and prosperity to mark the arrival of a fresh year ahead.
Fun & Frolic in air

This occasion is celebrated with pomp and show everywhere on this earth. New Year venues are lavishly decorated and beautification work is done there to welcome the arriving guests.
People exchange greetings and gifts to extend their wishes to each other.

New Year celebrations extravaganza are organized everywhere in the world. One can witness parties, dances and celebrations at every nook and corners of the cities.

Venue decoration

Hotels, restaurants and resorts specially remain occupied in advance for this day where grand celebrations are organized on this occasion. The guests are extended special invitations for this and tickets are also sold in advance. Popular and most frequently visited or lavish places usually become house full even many days before the grand celebrations.

Entertainment rules

These days there is a culture of inviting some famous showbiz personality to add to the attraction of the celebration who perform on the stage. Specially choreographed and staged music-dance performances are the hot favorites today therefore the organizers always remain ready to shelve out big sum of money to bring the star to the fore.

There is a huge competition amongst various organizers for giving the best show on this day. They put up their best efforts for a gala evening for the visitors with a buffet dinner of mouthwatering dishes.

Resolution time

This is also the time when each one of us takes stock of our last year achievements and failures together so that we can learn from our mistakes while cherishing our wins.

There is also a rampant practice of making New Year resolutions on this day but it is sad that most of these go blank after some time.

Resolutions in the form of goals need to be specific, time bound, realistic and planned beforehand to succeed.

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