Royal Rajasthan Expeditions and Festivals

The advent festival season in Rajasthan is ironic and captivates. There’s an attraction to the sentiment of royal expeditions in festive travel. The mood benign of rush but exquisite luxurious engagement with the best travelling and sightseeing. As stops through the golden triangle India tours, the destinations rich with tradition, local sentiment and essentially revisit of the royal regalia and customs going several generations and ages ago are beckoning.

Rajasthan royal traditions unlike many destinations, with its sunny and hot weather interspersed with cool night clime of the desert lays claims for the crown of royal festive travel. There are engaging sights to take one back to the times of ancient and getting to see epitome grandeur.

Sights on Rajasthan Royal Expeditions

Mewar Dynasty-Udaipur

The Mewar dynasty founded by Rana Udai Singh in 1568, undoubtedly is unlike many in the states repository of great ancient culture and traditions. It’s the eclectic musings and gathering of stories about the past and the life history of valor, courage and bravery captured in perfect architectural legacy. The Mewar’s outstanding contribution to Rajasthan legacy among others; valor and bravery in defending nation’s integrity and independence at the times of Mughals, enduring architectural legacy, festival cultures celebrating unique Rajasthani traditions like the Gangaur festival.

Chittorgarh Fort


The formidable fort displays power of the Mewar dynasty, its prominence and claim to royal fame. The forts ramparts and structures communicate the pride of Rajputs royal. Once the capital and of erstwhile Mewar dynasty before shifting to Udaipur the picturesque fort is an irony of generations of bravery and exquisite architectural splendor.

Ranakpur Temple


The temple considered one of the few fine temple expression architecture in India bears a resilience and remarkable taste for fine detailed design.

Pichola Lake

Rajasthan Golden Triangle Tours

The lake manmade lake forms a continual narrative to the city of lakes giving a serene and beautiful harmonious expression to the capital of Mewar – Udaipur city. The picturesque backdrop setting the captivating splendor of Mehrangarh palace home to generations of Mewar rulers.
There are as many tourist attractions and one finds the festival season of spring coincides advent of travel season.

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