Royal Tiger and Village Tour Expeditions

Tigers are a symbol of fortitude and strength in the hinterlands or cradles where they exist in huge numbers especially Asia. The Asian countries of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh provide a large natural habitat for the endangered species of these majestic animals. The largest population of the tigers being on the Indian subcontinent in various reserves and sanctuaries. There is an unmistakable grace and elegance about the animals that leaves many tourists desiring a longer stay to get a glimpse of these majestic animals.

The golden triangle India tours, tiger and village tours are a major attraction in the Sariska and Ranthambore tiger reserves and Samode village exposure tours. The planned tours to tiger habitats and protection sites offer a firsthand experience of tiger behavior and mannerisms. There is a certain evocative feeling in the presence of these majestic creatures that enhances ones closeness to nature and the surrounding environment.

Tiger and Village Tour Attractions

Ranthambore National Tiger Reserve


The first major habitat and natural protection for endangered species of the royal Bengal tiger and the other species of animals. Its primary location (Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan) and the presence of other interesting creatures renders this tiger reserve a first preference over other national parks as the true home for tigers in India.

Samode Village Tours

Golden Triangle With Village Tour

The character and essence of Indian villages lies in the crisp and appealing undulating fields of grains (wheat, millet, maize) and other seasonal crops (mustards), giving a scenic picture of perfect irony and harmony. The decrepit forts, sunny backdrops, moulds of traditional huts and habitations, modern haveli’s and unique village lifestyle. Humble, simple and unified family systems that unify and celebrate togetherness. An illustrious industry of local artisan artifacts and memorabilia depicting the cultural traditions and their significance. Village tours bring out the unique attributes of traditional lifestyle.

The golden triangle India tour with Tiger and village showcase the animate parts of vibrant and enthusiastic traditions carried for generations and still resounding in the outback of the India.

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