Unique Destinations & Attractions

Holidays and vacations are times for complete revitalization and relaxation after compellingly long working or duty hours. In destinations like India, golden triangle tours India espouse the inimitable and composite mix of unforgettable scenery, attractions and contemporary juxtaposition of ancient and modern as well as lessons in tranquil modernity.

Contemporary architecture and ancient architecture in New Delhi, Palatial Royal dwelling charms, attractions and the picturesque desert sands of Jaipur plus the stellar beauty of UNESCO heritage sites and wonders of the world in Agra. These are places to consider while planning magnificent holiday breaks and vacations.

In settings of evolving and transforming society and the inherent challenges that they face, such is the inspiration on these sites and destinations that perhaps give important and valid lessons for the progress of tomorrow’s society.

Heritage Monuments

They are grand, majestic and the exaggerated application of opulence and wealth. Equally, to say the least they are artistic, creative expression at its best and exemplify the magnitude of endeavour and passion. Qutab Minar and Taj Mahal classically redefine this point to the letter.

Cultural Festivals

Festivals highlight the culture and values that are so much valued and upheld in many societies around the world. The religious, literary, cultural rituals and rites harmoniously bind and build people into a collective force called society. Diwali, Holi, Maka Sakranti resonate with a spiritual and cultural effect. Likewise the literary and academic festivals are a regular feature like Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai holding literature festivals.

Diverse Nature

The good element with nature is the freedom to explore the abounding beauty so naturally occurring. Tiger sanctuary, national parks, endangered species of migratory birds and efforts at conservation render the utmost experience on the
best golden triangle tours

For most tourists the triangular circuit, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur completes the beauty and attractions yet the unspoken warmth and welcome on these destinations is equally an experience of its own worth.

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