What are the major Festive tours that depict the Indian Heritage?

Festive tours (as highlighted by tour packages to specific sites) help to draw attention to the major and perhaps most famous festivals in India like the kite festival, holi festival, diwali festival, Christmas festival and the Id festivals. With a long list of other attractions, there are also a host of regional festivals that spatter the land and are a major tourist influence and draw throughout the active tourist season.

Festivals are a grand engagement in a community to celebrate heritage and showcase a rich tradition. Festive tours in that sense bring out the best in the society  and help to project its true character in the outside world.

What are the major Festive tours that depict the Indian Heritage?   

With a diversity that stretches all through the land, India celebrates festivals with a high sense festivity. The kite festival which heralds the change of season from the winter to spring is as engrossing and fun for the shiny and fairly cool weather. It celebrated in the month of January.
 The Holi Festival is famous for the range of color and merriment it evokes. A unique and fervent festival celebrated with colored powder (gulal in hindi) smeared or splashed on each other. Celebrated between the months of February – March it’s chararcterised with a lot dancing, pranks, fun and merry making. Uniting family and friends in social and jovial harmony.

The Dussehra festival is another of the important Hindu festivals celebrated for the victory of good over evil. It’s believed in Hindu mythology that victory of Lord Rama over Ravan for abducting Sita (Lord Ramas wife) as symbolic  display of good intentions over bad. It celebrated with lot of gaiety and the symbolic burning of Ravans multi headed effigy in the public areas and conscience.

The Diwali festival is also another Hindu festival of lights. It is also a welcome of godess lakshmi to bless and bring prosperity in peoples homes and lives. With firecrackers to chase away the potential for evil.

In other secular festivals Christmas celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ for the Christian community. And it is also an international festival in many countries around the world. With the Indian Christian community it’s also at the peak of mild Indian winter.

Equally the Muslims celebrate eid festival in two major forms; Eid al fitr is celebrated after fasting month of ramadhan, and the second Eid al adha the festial of sacrifice.

The land of India with a diverse cultural heritage and deep spiritual beliefs and traditions will always provide for a time for festive tours to commemorate a number of happenings in history that have shaped its character. Tours to ancient temples, churches, mosques, and various places of worship for diverse communities, palaces, forts and museums help to celebrate and make festive tours memorable.   

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