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Bundi, 36 kms from Kota A magnificent town is Famous for its architecture, paintings and festivals. The First City in Hadoti set in a narrow inclining gorge. Forts, palaces and stepwells in Bundi are major tourist attraction for travelers. Built in 1354, Taragarh forts is a another attraction of and its is known for its canon , the Garbh Gujam. Apart from those attractions bundi is covered by more than 50 stepwells which was built in 1699 and the Rani Jiki Barol is most beautiful among of those.Bundi is world renowned for its painting theme i.e Mughap and Ragmala. Paintings have always been the best resource to learn about the history and culture of a place, same can be said with the Bundi Paintings. The paintings depict a very close picture of how Bundi has emerged socially, culturally, economically, and the people.

The art work of Bundi is well-known for their festivals, animals and bird scenes portrayed beautifully.

To attract more visitors to bundi Rajasthan tourist Department organize a Bundi festival that is held in November.-December.

Forts & Monuments
Sukh Mahal
Sar Bagh
Phool Sagar
Taragarh Fort

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