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Gujarat is among those states of India that has a lot to offer in terms of diversity. Having strong historical significance, from the age old Harappan Civilization to the Mughal period, Gujarat enjoys eternal glory in terms of historical and cultural traditions. This rich land, located on the western coast of India, sets out wide range of forts, museums, wildlife sanctuaries, temples, mosques and other famed tourist destinations, making it every bit of a treat for the visitors heading here. There are copious of diverse tourist places in terms of handicrafts, architecture, temples and wildlife.


Owing to the noteworthy history and varied culture attributes, the state has a lot to offer on educational level and presents composed environment and friendly people. It holds scenic landscapes, historical destinations, elongated coastlines, and journey here is rejuvenating, soothing and stirring, thus leaves the tourists with mesmerizing memories, lifelong impressions and ultimate wisdom.


Major attractions:

Bhuj: In the northwest of Gujarat, Bhuj is located at around 340kms from Ahmedabad. Absolute destination for the handicraft lovers, here one finds miscellaneous of markets and momentous structures with distinctive architecture that goes back to the 17th century. Shroff Bazaar offers a large number of textile traders, and then there are nearby villages of Bhujodi (a village of weavers) and Ajrakhpur (a village of block printers). Visit there to have a meeting with the craftsmen, see the displays and buy handicrafts.


Rann of Kutch: Widespread salt desert, Rann of Kutch measures out to be of 16000 square kms and the incredible fact about is that during severe rains this largest desert in the entire world remains underwater. Take delight in the full moon night camel safari in the desert and it’s certainly going to be experience of lifetime.


Gir National Park: Counted among India’s major parks to relish the wildlife, Gir National Park is where Asiatic lions still exist, and the credit for the same goes to the conservation endeavors that are highly commendable. It’s even regarded as largest broad-leafed jungle in the western part of the country and is home to various species of birds and on fortunate days, tourists get to spot the lions during the Safaris.


Somnath: At the distance of around 400kms from Ahmedabad, Somnath is popular destination for the religiously devoted people, owing to the presence of Somnath temple over here. Situated on the seaside, the obscure carvings on the sandstone are breathtaking with history being absolutely captivating. After the Islamic invaders looted the temple, it was rebuilt with ultimate renovation being held only after Independence. People from all over India visit the temple during Mahashivratri, which is celebrated hugely.


Junagad: This forted city is home to several of historical architectures, belonging to diverse religions like Hindu, Muslim as well as Buddhism. While visiting Gir National Park, most tourists head here and take delight in the stunning past monuments. Visit Mahabat ka Maqbara, Ashokan Rock Eddict and several of the Jain temples.

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