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Festive tours-Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a beautiful city of Rajasthan and enjoys the status of World Heritage Site. In the olden days it was Jaisalmer state. It takes pride in its mesmerizing fortress which consists of a palace apart from the number of elaborate Jain Temples. This placed which lies in Thar Desert was set up by Rajput ruler Maharawal Jaisal Singh in 1156 AD. Due to the majestic view of yellow sand and yellow sandstone, the city enjoys the status of Golden City of India. The summers are quite hot in the region and that’s why the season of winters is best to explore this city.


A lot to explore

Despite being a remote region, Jaisalmer has always being the top choice of the tourists, as it is loaded with number of artistic structure and monuments which are of great historical significance. Forts belonging to Middle Ages and the walled townships add to the beauty of this popular tourist destination. The uninhabited landscapes stand for its everlasting beauty. Camel safaris through the desert dunes are something every tourist love to relish. Just spending time meandering around this quiet around can free you from the stress you carry due to your chaotic lifestyle in urban cities.


Major attractions

·         Jaisalmer Fort

Termed as Golden Fort of Rajasthan, the fort of Jaisalmer was built by Raja Jaisal in 1156 AD. It’s counted amongst the largest forts worldwide and the sandstones, which are of golden and yellow hues present wonderful look to the fort. The view of the fort in night, with its 99 turrets is brilliant. There are number of havelis, temples and shops inside the shop with thousands of people living in it.


·         Camel Safari

Relish the desert safari sitting on a camel. The two-hour camel trek at sunset is something none of the tourist should miss out on. Sam Sand Dunes is the best place to start off with the safari.


·         Erstwhile havelis

Jaisalmer is the city of several of ancient Havelis, built in 19th century, by the rich merchants and ministers. The supremely carved havelis in the city are of Salim Singh, Nathmalji and Patwon.


·         Gadisagar Lake

In the year of 1367, this rainwater reservoir was constructed and there was a time when it used to be the only source to supply water around the city. It’s just at the distance of one kilometer from the fort constructed by Raja Rawal Jaisal. There are number of temples and ghats you’d find around the banks of this lake. Indulge in boating and soak the peaceful atmosphere.


·         Desert Nation Park

Amongst the largest parks in India, Desert Nation Park is home to number of migratory birds. As the location is not safe for species, that’s why the flora and fauna is found on the desert’s edge. Take on jeep safari in order to enjoy the amazing landscapes.


Other attractions

·         Bada Bagh

·         Thar Heritage Museum

·         Silk Route Art Gallery

·         Amar Sagar

·         Lodhruva

·         Mool Sagar

·         Kuldhara

·         Khuri Village

·         Akal Wood Fossil Park


Desert Festival

In the months of February and March, Desert Festival is organized, during which you can see several of the folk dance performances, camel races and other cultural events.




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