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Pushkar is a pilgrimage city known for its sacred lake, temples and Nag Mountain that separates it from the city of Ajmer. It has got a very interesting mythological story of its origin and a reputation of being the king of all other pilgrimages in India from the time immortal


Pushkar is a beautiful pilgrimage city 14 kilometers away from ajmer. This city is popular for its temples and lake, the Nag Pahar which is a mountain standing between ajmer and pushkar.

Drive from ajmer down the pushkar is inetesting with nag pahar as your ally throughout the journey which then ends at the ancient lake.

Pushkar is surrounded from three sides by the hills while the fourth side is covered by the sands from marwar.

Pushkar is one of the most respected places of hindus and is considered a the king of all the other pilgrimages. 

It is widely believed that pilgrimage to the four principal pilgrimage places, Badrinath in himalyas, Jagannath in Orissa, Rameshwaram in tamilnadu and Dwarka in gujarat is not completed till the pilgrim baths in the sacred waters of the king of pilgrimages the Pushkar.

According to the Padma Puran, the ancient hindu literature, lord brahma was searching the right place to perform the vedic yagna when his lotus fell down on earth from where the water came out. One of the four places from where this water came out was pushkar and therefore lord brahma decided to do the vedic yagna from this place only.

Pushkar is the only place in India where a temple devoted to lord btahma is there.

The beautiful Pushkar Lake is a sacred spot, considered as old as the creation, and has been a place of pilgrimage from the mythological period. It is surrounded by 52 bathing ghats, where people come to take a dip with deep religious faith rooted in their hearts. 

Pushkar is there from the time immortal and therefore has witnessed the the evolution of history from the time of Rama, the hero of the earliest Hindu Epic Ramayana, to Fa-Hien’s accounts of Pushkar in 4th century AD., to the time of Muslim invasion to the present day.

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