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Camel Festival of Bikaner

Desert land of Bikaner is fondly called ‘Camel City’ with it being home to largest Camel Research and breeding farm. In order to add to its uniqueness, Camel Festival is organized here every year by the Department of Tourism of the Government of Rajasthan. Its vigor appeals all the tourists from India as well as foreigners. In fact, this colorful and vibrant festival has turned out to be the major attraction of this otherwise remote land. The trend of Camel Festival came into existence with an idea to fetch the attention of visitors towards the city.


No one is unbeknownst to the fact that the city of Bikaner lies in the Thar Desert area, which enjoys worldwide attention. This is why existence of camel here is not actually a surprise and it has been a significant part of the city since olden times. And that’s why most of the traditional crafts are inspired from the camel patterns and designs. As the humidity is at its extreme during the months of summers, so taking care of the convenience of tourists, the two-day festival is organized in the month of January, every year.


With more and more visitors pouring in, the sight is just amazing and competitions such as camel procession, camel races, tug-of-war, camel dances as well as several others, are organized. The camel-owners deck up their camels with striking attires that successfully pleases the onlookers, while Rajasthan artificers organize a presentation of their artwork, such as needle crafts and embroidery. Folk singers and dancers showcase their talent in the performances, thus depicting the sparkling culture of the state. Best care is taken of the visitors and they’re provided with all kind of necessities in order to make their visit memorable.

Camel Festival of Bikaner

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