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Elephant Festival

In every way, Rajasthan is a colorful state and it’s visible in its fairs and festivals. Elephant Festival, which happens to be full of joy, is organized every year as per the Indian calendar, on the full moon day of Phalgun that falls in February or March. It takes place just a day before Holi, which is a colorful festival of India and enjoys immense significance. It’s no secret that elephants have always been an imperative part of Indian culture and the elephant-headed God, Lord Ganesha is highly worshipped here. Thus, Elephants happens to be an important element of most ceremonies of all kinds.


During the Elephant Festival, they are attired beautifully and ornamented with embellished velvet rugs as well as jewelry varying from bell-anklets, danglers, hued brocade scarves. The sight of myriad elegant, attractively decked up, from head-to-toe, is just mesmerizing, while Mahouts also adorn enticing Rajasthani-styled outfits. Then the festival starts with beguiling parade of charismatically-painted elephants, who come into the stadium, carrying their mahouts. As the entourage enters, they are welcomed with the bustling sound of the musical instruments, like nagadas, bankiya, etc.


Competitions such as Elephant polo, Elephant race, the tug-of-war between Elephants are organized and then dance as well as music performances captivate the attendants. Indian and well as foreign visitors take delight in this festival, organized by Rajasthan Tourism. The festival, which earlier used to take place at Chaugan Stadium, is now held at Polo Ground.

Elephant Festival

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