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They say pairing is made in heaven and on earth we just celebrate the togetherness of two eternal souls by tying them in a knot. No joy is better than experiencing an Indian marriage or say wedding, after all the union can’t take place here without much-desired pomp-and-show. The culture of big fat weddings in India has been in existence since ages and this is the reason that the thought of getting married in India fills you up with brilliance.


Wedding is an occasion when the Indians don’t think even twice before splurging, as they believe this is not just the occasion of reunion for a couple but two families come together and bind themselves in everlasting relationship. It goes without saying that no event is measured as auspicious as getting married in this country, and in order to understand the emotions behind those grandiose wedding processions, you’ve to experience it for yourself.


Due to the influence of modern culture, most Indian weddings are three-day affair nowadays, during which sacred rituals are performed, venues are decorated on extravagant scale, fireworks, as well as heart-winning ceremony of guests takes place by putting forth opulent feast.


Stage is regally adorned with flowers congregated from several places and to add on glittering lights just enlighten the surrounding creating an astonishing aura. Groom, sitting on the horse or elephant, arrive at the venue with his family members & relatives, who dance all their way in order to express the delight.


The venues in India are ideal for wedding celebrations exuding grandeur and majesty, while the country boasts of its grand history, culture, food, never-experienced-before splendor which redefines luxury and fills one with elation.


We at Festive Tours believe in making this big day of your life beyond memorable for you & your loved ones, and in every step, taken by us towards the preparation of your grand wedding celebration, you would see sheer dedication. Without proclaiming to be the leading event management company, we aim to be the leading dream executors in the field of wedding celebrations.


Our aim is to realize your vision of dream wedding and spread smiles in the process creating joyful memories which you will cherish for lifetime. We want to be the one behind the foundation of glorious histories! Services offered by us are:

1)  Venue selection

2)  Catering

3)  Décor, Lights and Sound and Flower arrangements

4)  Personalized Bride & Groom Trousseau

5)  Personalized Bride and Groom Jewelry and Rental Jewelry

6)  Photographer and Videographer

7)  DJ/Music Arrangements/ Choreographer/Anchor

8)  Artist Management

9)  Personalized Gifts and Gift Packing

10)  Arrangement for Bachelor and Spinsters Party

11)  Personalized Invitation Cards

12)  Mehendi (henna Ceremony)

13)  Priest Arrangement

14)  Customized Honeymoon Packages

15)  Beauty and Make-up facility

16)  Accommodation

17)  Logistics arrangement

18)  Firework Show

19)  Personalized Wedding Cakes and Sweets, Dry-fruits or Chocolate Boxes

20)  Security Arrangements

21)  Band, Baja and Ghodi Arrangements

22)  Vidai Arrangements

23)  Entertainment Day: Elephant Polo Match, Cricket Match, etc.


Weddings Portfolio

Jaipur Royal Wedding

Jaipur Royal Wedding

They say marriages are made in Heaven, so why not make it an exotic lifetime affair. Imagine exchanging vows with your beloved on your wedding day, decked like a princess against a palatial backdrop. The elegantly decorated well lit palace offers a grand welcome to you and your guests. The presence of elephants, camels and horse’s procession including local Folk performers, dancers and musicians, Snake Charmers, Puppet Shows, Kalbeliyas, Dhol walas along with a smart Wedding Band provide no less than a fairy tale wedding experience. In contrast a sophisticated and close party wedding with DJ and Cocktail could also be a part of whole new royal event.
Jodhpur Royal Wedding

Jodhpur Royal Wedding

"You take something incredibly old, the sort of vessel of national memory, the royal family, and you make it something as simple and fresh as the moments by which we all renew ourselves.

"Royal weddings is about power… basically mergers and acquisitions… now, it's really all about the next generation making something old very fresh for the future."

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